Sony Music Publishing’s Data Literacy Programme: Driving Data-Led Decision-Making

Data Literacy Strikes a Cord at Sony Music Publishing


Employees: 1500

Industry: Music Publishing

Revenue: +2Bn in 2023

Learners: [Number of Learners] (as of February 2024)

The Company

Sony Music Publishing is the world’s No. 1 music publishing company. Headquartered in New York, they have teams spread across the globe in 38 offices. Their ethos revolves around celebrating songwriters and their art, as they’re at the forefront of everything the company does. As the industry navigates the digital era’s complexities, Sony Music Publishing remains committed to supporting its artists by leveraging data to enhance decision-making and operations.

The Challenge

Miguel Colmenares, VP of Global Analytics, shares how the digital streaming boom has brought about a significant increase in data volume and complexity. This evolution demands a transformation towards a more data-driven culture, requiring a bridge between technical expertise and business acumen across the organisation.

The Solution

Sony Music Publishing’s collaboration with Data Literacy Academy marked a strategic step towards embedding data literacy within the company’s DNA. The programme, praised for its people-centric approach, was designed to resonate with employees at all skill levels, fostering an environment where data literacy is part of the company’s culture.

The Results

The initiative’s impact is evident in the enthusiastic adoption of data skills across the company. Employees from various departments, including copyright and synchronisation licensing administration, have showcased the practical application of their newfound skills. For instance, the development of a Power BI dashboard by an employee not traditionally involved in data work has significantly improved visibility for senior management within the financial team, facilitating more informed decision-making.

The transformative power of data literacy was further highlighted in a company-wide presentation led by employees from different departments. This initiative not only demonstrated the practical application of data skills but also played a crucial role in bridging the gap between technical and non-technical teams. The presentation effectively communicated the value of the partnership, inspiring others within the company to embrace data literacy.

The success stories emerging from the programme, such as the creation of performance dashboards and the effective use of data storytelling techniques, underscore the impact on Sony Music Publishing’s operations. These initiatives not only enhance individual departments’ efficiency but also contribute to a broader cultural shift towards data-driven decision-making.

Moving Forward

The positive feedback and tangible results from the programme’s early adopters have set the stage for the next phase of Sony Music Publishing’s data literacy journey. With plans for more targeted cohorts and an ongoing commitment to fostering data literacy, the company is well-positioned to continue leveraging data to support its songwriters and maintain its leadership in the music publishing industry.