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“Poor data literacy is ranked as the second biggest internal roadblock to the success of data programmes.

Every business should be implementing a data literacy programme, in order to compete. By 2023, data literacy will become essential in driving business value.”

-- Gartner Annual Chief Data Officer Survey 2020-2022

Why Data Literacy Academy?

Implement your Data Literacy Programme in days, not years.
A proven model for Data Literacy: Foundations. Work. Take Action.

Foundations of Data

According to Gartner, up to 82% of employees in your departments, don't know where to start with data. These courses teach fundamental data knowledge and strategy, so every department can deliver effectively with data.

Work with Data

There are thousands of data tools on the market, with everything from Excel to PowerBI and complex databases being used across your organisation. Our Working with Data courses teach non-technical and technical team members to work effectively with data.

Take Action with Data

Your biggest barrier to being data-driven is your employees' lack of understanding in how to convert data into action. Our Taking Action with Data courses teach your team to understand, interpret, communicate and take action effectively with data.

Live Remote and In-Person Teaching

With a single business subscription, you can access hundreds of live-taught, practical and in-person classes, which mean you'll roll out your Data Literacy Programme in days, rather than years (or not at all!), fully supported by our team throughout the delivery.

Learn from the Best

Data Literacy Academy's educators are best-in-class for the industry, with professional leadership experience at the likes of Gymshark, Natwest, AWS and Microsoft. You'll also find plenty of DataIQ 100 folks in there!

Certified and Accredited Courses

Not only do we teach the 'Data Literacy Academy way', but all courses are certified by Data Literacy Academy or external parters like AWS, Microsoft and universities. Your team can prove they're data pros forever!

Data Literacy Courses

Courses at every stage of the Data Literacy journey, for technical, non-technical and exectuive teams

Theory & Strategy

  • Data Transformation
  • Build a Data Program
  • Hire a Data Team
  • Manage a Data Team
  • Data Governance

Collection, Analysis & Tools

  • Excel
  • SQL & Python
  • Data Lakes and Warehouses
  • Data Visualisation
  • Scope Data Challenges

Report. Communicate. Act

  • Departmental Courses
  • Board Reporting
  • Investor Due Diligence
  • Communication & Presentation
  • Data-Driven Decision Making


There is no limit to how many employees can attend Data Literacy Academy courses. Certain classes, like our Enterprise Seminars, are limited by sign-up, but this is to give as much personalised advice as possible during these sessions. Check out our Pricing page for more info.

Absolutely not. We’re an experienced bunch here at Data Literacy Academy and 99% of data literacy is completely generic, so we’ll have your team lightyears ahead of their current data literacy levels and your business data-driven in no time!

Data Literacy Academy can build custom courses for clients on our Enterprise package, with additional cost incurred, depending on the complexity of topic or specificity to your business. Ask your Customer Success Manager how we can help!