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Foundations of Data

Organisations and individuals need to understand the who, what, where, why, and how of data

Foundations of Data

Get your data literacy foundations built from stone, not sand. This course will help your team align across the organisation on the importance of elements such as, a single source of truth, data cleanliness and requirements.

Data Strategy 101

Data Strategy 101 is ideal for everyone from the enthusiastic data analyst, to Chief Data Officers and senior executives. Learn what is required when implementing a modern data organisation and engineering a data-driven company.

Data Programme from the Ground Up

For those executives and data leaders entering a data greenfield. What do you do first, second and third to receive fastest time-to-value from your data programme? Deliver the foundations and everything else will follow.

Data Transformation 101

With a single business subscription, you can access hundreds of live-taught, practical and in-person classes, which mean you'll roll out your Data Literacy Programme in days, rather than years (or not at all!), fully supported by our team throughout the delivery.

Data Governance Fundamentals

Governance is a vital element of any data strategy or programme. To get it right, we need to dive deep into how data is managed amongst employees, databases are owned and even individual data models are tested. Data Governance Fundamentals will give your team a view of all these elements and more.

Fundamentals of Data Team Leadership

Your business has the team in place, but managing data people is like no other form of management. Deep technicians work hand-in-hand with creative, business-facing communicators. This course teaches you the skills, models and styles to effectively manage each personality type.

Working with Data

There are a thousand different ways to work with data across the organisation, but without the skills and tools, your team won’t be able to execute

Excel at Excel Analysis

The world's #1 data tool. 99% of employees will be exposed to it regularly, yet most can't do much more than delete a column. Our Excel at Excel course is perfect for business users in all departments, as it walks them through everything from functions to pivot tables and visualisation.

Become an Excel Pro

For those who have already completed Excel at Excel or have a level of Excel proficiency, our Excel Pro course takes your skills to the next level. Learn how to build complex models, across multiple sheets, whilst ensuring your work stays consistent and tested.

SQL for Business Users

SQL is the language of data and increasingly business users need to get to grips with it. Whether it's writing simple database queries or more complex pieces of analysis in FP&A, SQL for Business Users equips non-data teams from the ground up.

Building a Cloud Data Lake & Warehouse

As it stands, a large percentage of the world's data skills are locked in the legacy world of SQL Server, which means we've got a skills gap in cloud transformation projects. This course walks data users through the migration from transactional DB to cloud DW, with insights into translation, modelling and tooling.

Supercharging Snowflake

Snowflake is an incredibly powerful tool when operated correctly, yet many data teams are hampered by legacy modelling and inefficient querying. Let us help your data team supercharge Snowflake with one of our Snowflake pro educators, which will not only infinitely speed up your data process, but also save you money!

PowerBI & Tableau for Managers

Departmental managers are expected to deliver effective insights and reporting back to the business, but are rarely upskilled to do so correctly. Our PowerBI and Tableau for Managers courses teach all the visualisation, interpretation and communication skills required to empower business decision-making.

Take Action with Data

Data alone is powerless. Data with understanding is competitive differentiation. Business users need to know the next best action from data, every time

Best-in-Class Board Reporting

For too long MI and board reports have been cobbled together over many hours, by those who know no better. Best-in-Class Board Reporting helps business executives, departmental managers and data professionals align on creating an informative, forward-looking document, which board members want to read.

Investor Due Diligence. Done

Whether backed by VC, PE or publicly listed, building your due diligence data room is an uphill battle. Furthermore, portraying your organisation in the right light is even harder. Investor Due Diligence. Done. teaches executive teams how to deliver the process more efficiently, whilst painting a picture investors want to see.

Data-Driven eCommerce

This course delivers the core knowledge, skills and experience required to effectively guide decisions in your eCommerce business. It will cover everything from product insights to digital marketing, led by data leaders who have grown eCommerce to hundreds of million £s.

Building and Using a Single Customer View

Many organisations are striving for the much sort after 'single customer view'. Building and Using a Single Customer View is aimed at marketing, customer services and data teams; firstly guiding them through how to achieve the single customer, but most importantly diving deep into analyses and actions that should be taken with this data.

Data-driven Supply Chain Management

Data-driven Supply Chain Management aims to educate key personnel from supply chain, logistics, operations and finance in data-led best practice for understanding stock levels, production capacity and delivery options. A completely game-changing course for these individuals.

Lights. Camera. Action

Data teams aren't always the most comfortable in front of a crowd, yet building trust with the business means they're expected to present their findings and explain their work. Lights. Camera. Action teaches all the communication and presentation skills required to smash it out the park!

Plus Many More

Want A Free Data Literacy Consultation?

Want A Free Data Literacy Consultation?