Data literacy should be the foundation of your data strategy

Businesses can have all the data they need, but without the knowledge to use it, still fail to take correct actions.

“Poor data literacy is ranked as the second biggest internal roadblock to the success of data programmes.

Every business should be implementing a data literacy programme, in order to compete. By 2023, data literacy will become essential in driving business value.”

-- Gartner Annual Chief Data Officer Survey 2020-2022

What is Data Literacy?

To know why your business should implement a Data Literacy
Programme, you first need to understand it.

Gartner defines data literacy as
“The ability to read, write and communicate data in context”.

Theory & Strategy

For business leaders, departmental managers and operational teams to make the most of data, they must first understand what their data colleagues are aimiing to achieve, how they’re going about it and why they’re doing it this way. Theory & Strategy helps your employees deliver a holistic data programme.

Collection, Analysis & Tools

Basic Excel skills are no longer enough for teams to effectively read and communicate data. Everyone in your business must know how to efficiently aggregate data, understand what types of analysis will guide their decisions and use tooling to optimise their communication of this.

Reporting, Communicating & Decisions

Context is king. Having the knowledge of business-wide and departmental specific data techniques will allow your employees to put their data in context; thus driving the correct decisions and actions every time.

Data Literacy Model

Data Literacy is at the heart of all successful data programmes

Data Literacy Academy Programme

Live classes

All classes available Live or On Demand via Data Literacy Academy's platform. Live lectures, small group seminars and practical classes are all included in your subscription!

Best in Class Educators

Data Literacy Academy educators have experience with the world's top brands and technology companies, including Gymshark, Natwest, AWS and Microsoft.

Certified Qualifications

Every Data Literacy Academy course is certified, with organisations like AWS, Microsoft or global universities backing our education. Your employees gain valuable, recognised qualifications to take forward in their career.

Executive Training Days

We know busy executives don't have time for courses running over many weeks, as your time is incredibly valuable, so our Executive Roadshow days allow senior executives to condense their strategic learning and collaborate with peers - all included in your subscription, of course!

Data Literacy in Days, not Years

Many businesses never find bandwidth to implement a data literacy programme and others simply don't have the internal knowledge. A single subscription with Data Literacy Academy will covers all bases for your robust Data Literacy Programme.

Want A Free Data Literacy Consultation?

Want A Free Data Literacy Consultation?